Nothing final proposals

Nothing final topics The illusion of control and privacy - thinking of recent events in world politics, technology and social affairs, I'd like to explore our »

June 1905

In an account of eight dreams recorded over the first half of June, 1905, time is presented not only as a continuum on which the universe »

The Moire Frame

Inspired by Moire pattern visual interference effect and artistic experiments with it in Takahiro Kurashima's Poemotion we set out to create a physical version of the »

Within - a claymation short

Within is a short abstract claymation stop-motion animation revealing world hidden inside one another. Concept and planning In a short abstract claymation, we wanted to explore »

Sounds of ITP

For our first Sound & Video assignment we were asked to create a short sound walk, a sonic guided exploration of a topic or a place. »